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bradley is joining us this morning from washington, with more on this winter storm. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, diana. good morning, rob. some 30,000 people are in the path of this monster. much more severe weather is expected today in the nation's heartland. a brutal winter blast that started in california, is marching through the midwest. today, millions will experience the full brunt of the storm when it dumps more snow and ice. and it might even spawn tornadoes. in parts of california, everyone is pitching in to clear snow. >> trying to dig out my dad so he can go to work later on today. >> i'm really liking this now that they're getting a little older. they can handle it for me. so, i don't have to come out here and have a heart attack. >> reporter: across several states, freezing rain and sleet made driving conditions treacherous. some drivers spliped or spun out of control. >> i was trying to go down the street from my house. and i started to go sideways down the hill. >> reporter: some were stranded for hours after icy highways were shut down. >> going to se
enough to be mounted on top of a long-range missile that is capable of reaching the u.s. it comes two weeks after they conducted a missile test in direct defiance of u.n. security council resolutions. >> the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting to address the issue. even china, north korea's long-time ally, has expressed firm opposition to the nuclear tests. we'll have more on this breaking story later on on "gma." >>> we turn to a change of the top of the catholic church. pope benedict made the bombshell announcement he is stepping down. >> at age 85, the pope says he cannot keep up with the job. nick schifrin joins us from rome with more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, diana. pope benedict is a shy leader. but he's unpredictable, unprecedented. and it might just guarantee his legacy. at 85, he is silver-haired and cerebral and says he simply can't keep up. pope benedict xvi tells his cardinals in latin, quote, i had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me. in the last year, benedict grew in
admitting that he used thousands in campaign funds for his personal use, including a $43,000 rolex, as well as a lot of rock 'n' roll memorabilia. he spoke outside the courtroom afterwards. >> it's not a proud day. i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> jackson's wife pleaded guilty to filing false joint federal income tax returns that knowingly understated the income the couple had received. she faces one to two years in prison. on top of that, thousands in fines. >>> a bombshell secret revealed by a respected former senator. pete domenici now says that he fathered a secret child during an affair in the 1970s. perhaps more shocking, the woman in the affair was the daughter of one of his senate colleagues. domenici represented new mexico for six terms before retiring. he's been married for more than 50 years and has 8 children with his wife. >>> hundreds of thousands of federal workers are being warned there will be less money in their paychecks if those budget cuts go through. pentagon workers would lose 1 day of work each week for up to 22 weeks. that means a loss of about 20% of their pay. a
>>> this morning, america's secret war. >> it's taking center stage today. deep debate over the use of unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists. as we learn about a top-secret u.s. drone base overseas. >>> storm watch. millions bracing for a blizzard that could start tonight. snow amounts not seen in years. >>> and it was the biggest powerball prize since that $600 million megajackpot. overnight, someone became $200 million richer. >> clearly not us. >>> and fashion police ready to crack down at sunday's grammy awards. >>> and good thursday morning, everybody. they are the not-so-secret weapons of the war on terror. unmanned drones, dispatched to places not safe for u.s. troops. >> under the obama administration, their use has increased. but it's now under serious fire on capitol hill. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: president obama's pick for cia director, john brennan, could face serious heat from members of the president's own party at his confirmation hearing this afternoon. democrats will likely demand answers about the use of unmanned drones to attack u.s. enemie
. they have no way to use the bathrooms. >> reporter: emergency generators are providing some electricity. but the ship has no propulsion. carnival cruise lines has said no one is hurt, there's plenty of food. but has urged guests to congregate in common areas and on the decks. a tug boat has been dispatched to tow the 900-foot boat back to land in case engineers can't fix the problem. >> we'll have the latest on the fate of the triumph later on. >>> we move to another story. wild weather ripping through six states from texas to alabama. >> adds many as 15 tornadoes were spawned. the ominous twister was captured on cell phone video as it descended on the university of southern mississippi. >> it damaged hundreds of homes and ripped the roof off a building on campus. many trees were snapped in half and scattered around the streets. more than a dozen people were injured. no reports of any fatalities. >>> hundreds of miles to the north, drivers across the upper midwest are facing a treacherous morning commute after getting clobbered by a foot of freezing snow and rain. hundreds of cars crash
weather in the lower mississippi valley late in the day. >>> stay with us for "good morning america," sam champion will have the laits on the stormy weather tapped deep freeze. >>> now to a story breaking overnight. the tragic death of country star mindy mccready. the troubled singer took her on life yesterday. here's abc's that mahman bradle. >> reporter: authorities found the body of mindy mccready on her front porch. the same place they found the body of her boyfriend last month. she soared to the top of the charts in mid-'90s. in recent year, more focused attention on her personal life and that singing. >> when something happened to me, it was readily available to go and drink too much. >> reporter: she struggled mightily with substance abuse, even appearing on "celebrity rehab" with dr. drew. she went through a tough custody battle with her own mother other the custody of her son. mccready abducted a child and despite a court order, refused to return him. >> think that is part of the issue in florida, was this really an abduction? in miss mccready's mind, it wasn't. >> don't understa
the u.s. condemnation is pouring in around the world. >>> the next pope. we have new details from rome this morning. >>> and a hotel raided in mexico overnight? has suspected cop-killer christopher dorner fled over the border? >>> is a breakfast soda what you need to kick-start your day? >>> good tuesday morning, everybody. we do begin with breaking news out of north korea. defiantly bragging this morning that it just conducted its third nuclear test. >> the underground test is the first for new leader kim jong-un. president obama issued a statement overnight calling the move have highly provocative act. the test appeared to be more powerful than the previous test. akiko fujita explains the significance. >> reporter: it would mean that north korea is a step closer to its stated goal to create a nuclear warhead that is small enough to be mounted on top of a long-range missile that is capable of reaching the u.s. it comes two weeks after they conducted a missile test in direct defiance of u.n. security council resolutions. >> the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting to a
city. >>> an alarming story overnight. get ready for more hackers of u.s. computer systems. the intelligence community reportedly believes that the united states is the target of a massive cyber espionage campaign. the goal is to gain a economic competitive edge. a newspaper says china is the main threat. >>> coming up after the break -- >> city on edge. >> the manhunt is heating up overnight. >>> later, the pulse. the college students that snuck into the super bowl and filmed the whole thing. >>> welcome back, everybody. gas prices, keep rising. the national average this morning is $3.58 a gallon, up seven cents in the past week and 27 cents in the past month. u.s. oil production is booming rite now. but oil futures are also rising. that's because of distribution problems in the u.s. l.a. is at the highest, $4.10 a gallon. >>> a merge between american airlines and u.s. air ways is pekted this week. they would have 6500 flights day, and nine major hubs. it would be known as american airlines. but it would be run by the ceo of u.s. airways. >>> the economy should shift into
bradley is watching the ever-changing lineup and joins us from washington with more. hi, tahman. >> reporter: hey, rob and sunny. clinton is out, kerry is in. and chuck hagel, a republican, who you would think would be a bipartisan pick is under furnd. john kerry takes over today. will hillary clinton run for president. >> i don't know how else to say it but i'm going get back into my life again. this is going to be new for me. i don't know how i'm going to react to it, to be honest. >> reporter: senator kerry takes over. president obama's choice to run the pentagon is a different story. former senator chuck hagel, a vietnam veteran, took heavy fire from his own party. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in the country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer on a lot of things. >> you refuse to answer that question. >> reporter: he was hammered by gop senators who said he was too tough on israel. he was talked to about referring to pro-israeli groups at t
-byes. >>> also this morning, cyber warfare. breaking overnight, invasive attacks on u.s. interests online. and now, we may know who's behind them. >>> severe storms. rough weather is in store for millions today. >>> and a daredevil with a driver's license going end-over-end in a mini cooper. >>> and good morning. we begin with breaking news. emotional, new details about the murder case against olympic runner oscar pistorius. >> those details all stem from last thursday's shooting death of pistorius' model girlfriend. they're being laid out in a small courthouse in pretoria, south africa. here's tahman bradley. >> reporter: oscar pistorius appeared in court this morning for a bail hearing. the double-amputee is charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. >> i saw him as a lonely young man. very heartbroken and sad. >> reporter: despite the murder charge, one legal expert thinks pistorius has a shot at bail. >> everybody knows who he is. it's not as if he can hide and get a passport and go overseas without anybody noticing him. >> reporter: pistorius' family a
that the entire strategy is to sit on the sidelines, stop working with us to pass something. >> reporter: the cuts will mean furloughs for civilian defense department workers across the nation. a 20% reduction in pay. >> hard-working people that have everything they've got. so, we're all kind of on the line now. >> reporter: most of the cuts will be felt immediately, which may give lawmakers wigger room to negotiate a way to blunt their impact. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> on capitol hill, an emotional plea from a grieving father on gun control. it was the senate judiciary committee's first hearing on the issue since the shooting. on the table, a proposal by senator dianne feinstein to ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. the father of the newtown massacre victim begged for it to the passed. >> jesse was the love of my life. it's hard for me to be here today. talking about my deceased son. i have to. >> republicans say an assault weapons ban would violate the second amendment. >>> the u.s. is poised to expand aid to syrian rebels. secretary of state, john kerry,
. authorities tell abc news, the body is believed to be christopher dorner. but they're still waiting to use forensic testing to positively identify the remains. rob and diana? >> all right, brandi. many thanks for that. of course, we're following all of the fast-moving developments in southern california. stay tuned for the latest update from police, coming up in a little while on "good morning america." >>> and our other main story this morning, the president's state of the union. republican leaders were quick to criticize mr. obama's speech. house speaker john boehner calling it, quote, little more than more of the same. abc's tahman bradley joins us from washington with latest details. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, diana. what president obama said about guns is probably going to be most remembered from this speech. but the president pushed several bold proposals, aimed at strengthening the economy. in the first state of the union speech of his second term, president obama went big. announcing new domestic initiatives he said would assist america's mi
they stand at this point. >> all right. bazi kanani, live for us right there in south africa. thank you for that. >>> we're going to move on, now, to syria. one of the most dangerous hot spots on the planet. after two years of bloody conflict there, a u.n. panel says the government and those rebels should both be charged with war crimes. >> abc's terry moran made the harrowing journey to the frontier of the battle, the capital, damascus. >> reporter: the road from beirut to damascus. we drove into syria along this heavily guarded route, checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint. it is now a lifeline, as damascus, the stronghold of the government of president bashar assad, becomes a city under siege. it is a dirty war, in a crucial country. just look at the map. the chaos engulfing syria threatens to spill over into iraq on one side, israel and lebanon on the other. a nightmare scenario for the u.s. the united nations now estimates that 70,000 people have been killed in the fighting. though, no one really knows. damascus is quiet. some light traffic. no one really walking around. 5 mi
was in the plastic pipe negotiators used to communicate with ethan's kidnapper. sources tell abc news, the negotiators convinced dykes to approach the bunker door to accept delivery of an item. there, fbi agents set off an explosive device. dykes fired on the agents. they fired back. and moments later, dykes was dead, ethan safe. law enforcement officers spent several days planning the raid. they even built this mock bunker to plan for a breach. >> you can practice having a camera inside and ultimately design how you're going to assault this bunker. >> reporter: last night, an emotional candlelight celebration, residents at midland city, alabama, reflected on the ordeal. >> right now, we're truly blessed. truly blessed to see god work a miracle in our hometown. >> people are grieving here. the loss of the way of life. many people here don't keep their doors locked. things are going to change in our community, especially for our school system. >> reporter: little ethan, who has autism and adhd, is said to be doing well. his classmates are throwing him a big birthday party. rob and dian
ethan safe. >> you have to be extremely careful. any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm ethan because he's right there. >> reporter: interesting, the standoff extended beyond midland city, alabama. even president obama praised authorities for saving the boy. rob and diana? >> great news he made it out alive and right in time for his birthday. tahman bradley, live in washington. thanks, tahman. >>> gun control, of course, is a top priority for the president. mr. obama took his message on the road yesterday, with a visit to a minneapolis police station. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: faced with an uphill battle in congress, the president took his campaign for new gun control measures on the road. >> we're not going to wait until the next newtown. >> reporter: the central component of the president's plan is requiring virtually anybody buying a gun to get a background check. but the audience in minneapolis has seen that that's not enough. last september, just a few miles from where the president spoke, minnesota suffered its worst ever mass shooting
at the vatican live for us this morning. thanks, nick. >>> we'll have live coverage from rome throughout the morning, including complete coverage coming up in just a little while on "good morning america." >>> and our other big story right now, what's left of the blizzard that pounded the nation's middle section. there's still plenty of it left over. storm watches and warnings posted this morning from missouri all the way to maine. >> and chicago has been taking a direct hit throughout the night. when it started yesterday afternoon, the snow was falling at about an inch an hour. around 500 flights have been canceled at chicago's 2, big airports. and snow is expected there through the day. >> a major problem because of the snow's weight is collapsing roofs. that one caught on camera in kansas city. another collapsed in oklahoma killed a man. he's one of three people who died because of the blizzard. the experts say a foot of heavy wet snow on your roof can add up to 20 pounds per square foot. that's the same as several parked cars. >>> in colorado, the blowing snow there has motorists str
. at the half, beyonce was on fire. the game was seen by millions. u.s. troops in kandahar, afghanistan, took time to watch. it's going to be awhile before people forget the power outage in the super dome. not caused by beyonce or the hair dryers for destiny's child. officials say it was an abnormality in the power system. >> you sure not the hair dryer? you sure about that? we've confirmed that? >> reporter: that's what i heard. >> that's not going to dryist. >> tahman bradley in washington, thank you for that. keep it right here. the "gma" super bowl party continue this is morning live from new orleans. you don't want to miss it. it's coming up at 7:00 in the morning. >>> following the developing story from southern california involving a deadly bus crash. at least eight people died when a tour bus hit a pickup truck on a remote highway about 80 miles east of l.a. dozens of people were taken to the hospital. the bus was apparently returns to tijuana from the big bear resort neeshl. the driver reportedly had problems with the brakes. >>> that crash comes a day after a bus carrying 42 high sc
. marci gonzalez join us from mobile, alabama. good morning, marci. >> reporter: here it is. the carnival cruise docked. and hours later, all of the relieved passengers were finally off the ship. dry land at last. carnival "triumph" passengers chrissing the ground as they leave what's been their miserable cruise ship prison. >> the sewer kept backing up. people would slip and fall in it. the smell was terrible. >> reporter: the stench and lack of electricity drove many of the 4,000 people onboard to live and sleep in a kind of shantytown on the ship's deck. a nightmare that began sunday, when a fire knocked out the ship's engines, leaving the vessel stranded in the gulf of mexico. >> didn't know if it was going to slow, catch back on fire. for a day or so, we didn't see any kind of sign of life. and so, that's pretty scary when you're out there on the water. >> reporter: after eight days at sea, tugboats slowly brought the ship into dock in alabama last night. the ceo of carnival going onboard, offering reimbursement, a free cruise, $500 and an apology. >> i know it was very difficult. an
california. >>> and it's a moment backstage at the oscars that still has us talking. jennifer lawrence and her a-list admirer, caught only by our cameras. >>> good tuesday morning, everyone. let's get right to that breaking news out of egypt. at least 19 foreign tourists killed in a tragic hot air balloon crash. >> it happened just hours ago, in the ancient city of luxor. officials say there was an explosion and a fire, 1,000 feet in the air, just before that balloon plunged from the sky and slammed into a sugar cane field. vacationers from europe, japan and hong kong are among the victims. no word if any americans were onboard. the balloon pilot and two passengers reportedly survived the crash. we'll have much more on the story at abcnews.com. >>> another major story we're watching all night, is the blizzard roaring through the middle of the country into the midwest. >> the storm fanned several fires across texas last night, as a major rainmaker moves across the east coast. the white you see in the nation's midsection is what's left of the big blizzard. tahman bradley details its numb
by superstorm sandy. >> trying to batten down the hatches here, if any storms are coming. the last one ruined us totally. >> reporter: new england residents rushed out to stock up on essentials. >> this is panic shopping. so, bread, milk, a snow shovel in case our snow shovel breaks. >> reporter: the fire department was even called into a supermarket in salem, massachusetts, because there were too many people there. many schools and businesses closed ahead of the storm. and airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights and say more are expected. preeti arla, abc news. >>> and in massachusetts, all subway, bus and commuter rail services will be shut down by midafternoon. >> as you can see on today's front page of "the boston herald," officials are urging drivers to be off the roads by noon, hoping to avoid a repeat of what went on during the historic blizzard of 1978. accuweather's jim dickey has more, now, about what's in store for this wild weather weekend. >> good morning, rob and diana. a crippling snowstorm expected here today. two systems colliding. area of low pressure strengthening. as we hea
, looking up at us. deck chairs seem to have been converted into beds. but sleeping outside will be increasingly miserable during the voyage's final hours in the cold rain. for three days, not a single carnival cruise line representative appeared publicly. until president gerry cahill spoke tuesday. >> we're very, very sorry about what's taken place. >> reporter: this is the third time in a month this very ship has had engine trouble. "the triumph" had to limp back to port on its two previous voyages. as the ship is towed to shore, the port of mobile is dealing with the delicate task of docking the boat. and the most delicate maneuver, for carnival cruise lines, dealing with disembarking passengers. the holiday that wasn't. matt gutman, abc news, mobile, alabama. >>> a showdown in the senate is looming over president obama's choice of the next defense secretary. democratic leaders are expected to force a vote on the nomination of chuck hagel tomorrow. some republicans say they'll vote no unless the white house provides more information on the benghazi attack. but hagel is ex
and two members of congress. >>> and after more than a century, the u.s. census bureau has decided to drop the word negro on its forms and surveys. starting next year, negro will no longer appear as an option for race, alongside black or african-american. the agency says many americans view the word as offensive and outdated. duh. >>> c. everett koop, the nation's most famous and influential surgeon general, has died at 96. president reagan appointed koop back in 1981. he was instrumental on changing america's views on smoking, trying to get the entire country to kick the habit. he also endorsed condoms and sex education to help stop the spread of aids. he was a frequent visitor to dartmouth until shortly before his death. they say his mind was as sharp as ever, even at the age of 96. >>> pope benedict is leaving it up to the cardinals of the catholic church when it comes to starting the meeting that will choose his successor. benedict changed the rules, allowing the cardinals to move up the conclave start date if all of them arrive at the vatican before the usual 15-day waiting period end
. as police closed in, the 20-year-old syed then shot himself. >>> it looks like the u.s. is preparing to strike back amid allegations about those massive cyber attacks being blamed on china. the white house will reportedly lay out aggressive steps today to fight the cyber crimes. the report comes after a security firm identified the shanghai building as the headquarters for china's military hackers, accused of stealing secrets from u.s. companies and government sites. >>> union workers are rallying, urging congress to avoid the looming budget cuts. yesterday, president obama brought cops and firefighters to the white house to warn emergency workers they'll be the first to go if those cuts take effect. the deadline is less than ten days away. and so far, there's no face-to-face talks. >>> but the president is reaching across the aisle on immigration reform. last night, president obama called the three, key gop players on the issue in the senate. john mccain, lindsey graham and marco rubio. details of a white house backup plan on immigration were leaked over the weekend. >>> general joh
with us for "good morning america," sam champion will have the latest on the stormy weather and the deep freeze. >>> now to a story breaking overnight. the tragic death of country star mindy mccready. the troubled singer took her own life yesterday in arkansas. she had chart-topping talent, but personal problems derailed a promising career. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: authorities found the body of 37-year-old country singer mindy mccready on her front porch, the same place her boyfriend died last month of an apparent suicide. it appears she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. ♪ heaven help me to be strong >> reporter: mccready, who soared to the top of the charts in mid-'90s. has, in recent years, received more attention for her troubled personal life than her singing. >> when there would be some kind of crisis or painful thing happen to me, it was ready available to go and drink too much. >> reporter: she struggled mightily with substance abuse, even appearing on "celebrity rehab be with dr. drew." she also fought a lengthy and bitter battle with her own mother over
. abc's tahman bradley is joining us this morning and has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, rob and diana. the midsection of the nation is taking a pounding. about 60 million people were caught in the blinding snow ha has times has been accompanied by thunder and lightning. it's a real monster. and it's dangerous. this morning, the heartland is buried in snow. the blizzard marched towards chicago. the great lakes and northern midwest are bracing for almost a foot of snow. the monster storm has socked the heartland. parts of kansas and missouri were socked by thundersnow. instead of pouring rain, it was pouring snow. and conditions made driving treacherous. >> it's a mess out here. >> reporter: from kansas to missouri, highways were shut down. >> just got out of control. lost control due to the weather conditions. and it's scary. yes, it is. >> reporter: across the midwest, crews are working to clear abandoned vehicles. even mighty postal trucks had a hard time. >> the last one coming here got stuck six times before it finally got here. we've got extraordinary measures. >> report
in washington for us this morning. thank you, tahman. >> thanks for reporting from indoors, tahman. appreciate that. >> the best place to be. >> hey, we're indoors. >> i know. can't talk. >>> well, the storm system is impacting millions of people. meteorologist jim dickey continues our coverage now. good morning, jim. >> good morning rob and diana. we're seeing heavy snow through the early-morning hours. from i-80 from omaha to chicago. especially three to six inches in these areas. the morning commute will be difficult. this while icy conditions are spreading towards 81. watch out western virginia. roanoke, blacksburg, going to be snow on those roadways. flash flooding going to be a big issue with strong thunderstorms in the florida panhandle. rob and diana, back to you. >>> olympian oscar pistorius sobbed in court again today on the final day of his bail hearing. the judge could decide whether the track star will await the trial for the murder of his girlfriend on bail or in jail. the lead detective has been removed from the case after it was revealed he is facing seven counts of attempted m
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